Friday Morning Long Group Ride

Meeting Location : Olympic Cycle Track Zero Mark

Our Friday group ride is available for all ages and abilities.

Leaving from the Zero Mark at the Olympic Cycle track there are 3 options available:

Group1: Shorter ride
45 - 60 min ride with the pace dictated by the slowest rider in the group. A brilliant option for beginners or those who haven't cycled in a while.

Group 2: Full track 66K, or 40K option 
40K option is for those who turn back at the water station, or continue do the full track 66KM (or a bit more if there's people up for it)

Just be there on time --- We start on time to protect the group from the heat that's coming.

- This is a friendly fun group ride, there is no coach. 
- Approx. 2 hours 15mins bike ride to do the full track
- Group leaves on time - Don't be late - they don’t wait!
- Group 2 pace will be Approx. 28km/h-30km/h
- Please have at least two water bottles with fluid - compulsory! One preferably with carbs & electrolytes - one plain H2O). There is water available at the 20km mark, or at McDonalds at the top of the track (33km)

- Please bring Nutrition - gel/bar/dates etc. (even if you don’t plan to use it - pls bring it!)
- Advisable to also carry puncture repair kit. TT bikes welcome.