Club Championship
AwardsPictures from the End of Season Awards Iftar, held at the Shanghai Club, Shangri-La, May 2018

2022-2023 Season | 7 Series Badges to Collect
7 Badges to collect
The Club Championship is TriClub Doha’s annual Leaderboard and “frequent flyer” program open to all club members. 

Participate, or volunteer, in one race, in any of the 6 Race Series, to earn that series badge. Earn points to upgrade it to a Bronze, Silver or Gold badge.

Points awarded for each event based on your placing in age group; ie: 50 points for 1st place, 49 for 2nd etc, per age group (Veterans, Open, Junior Age Groups.) Points awarded will start at 50 points for standard/sprint distance races. Super Sprint distance 40 points, Beginners Tri 30 points. Maxi duathlon/aquathlons: 60 points. Minimum points earned per race is 10 points, even if you did not finish. 

Volunteers, who give up their race to help, earn 50 points. 
Club Members (or their parents) are requested to consider volunteering at one TriClub Doha race event at Education City during the season. You can register during the event registration process. For more information, visit

Upgrade Your Badge!
Earn 50 points in the series to upgrade to Bronze Series Badge, 75 points for Silver and 100+ points for Gold

Participate in 10 Races in the season to qualify for the Club Championship Badge. 
Participate in the leaderboard and compete for the title of “Club Champion” based on sum of the 10 best scores in the season.
Earn 300 points for Bronze Club Championship Badge, 400 for Silver and 450 for a Gold Club Championship Badge
The first leaderboard will be published at the end of September with the points from the first 3 races. Keep track of your points throughout the season. At the end of the season, all those who qualify for the Club Championship will receive an trophy at the end of Season Awards

This championship is intended to encourage and recognise participation and effort and create fun competition and improvement. It is more akin to Frequent Flyer program rather than a serious competition.  It is not intended to create unhealthy rivalry and should not be taken overly seriously

The championship sub-committee will try hard to record the times and scores accurately, but will occasionally make errors and will do their best to correct them. It may be difficult to resolve errors many months after an event, so please check frequently.

The Leaderboard is posted to our results section, updated monthly during the season. 
Club Championship Leaderboard