Ramadan Challenge - Virtual Duathlon Series - 4 Weeks, 4 Distances in Different Orders - OUTDOORS

Week 1 April 12th – April 17th

Week 2 April 19th – April 24th

Week 3 April 26th – May 1st

Week 4 May 3rd – May 8th


You have 6 days to do the duathlon and submit your times in the shared google sheet.
Submit Your Links Here

Important Points:

- You must do the assigned disciplines in order (ex. Week 1: run first, bike, then do your final run).
- You must do your full duathlon on the SAME DAY. If you did your first run in the morning/afternoon, you must finish the rest by the end of the day.
- You can do as many attempts as you want since you have 6 days to complete the assigned distance. Your fastest times will be taken.
- Your bike/run must have the same start and finish line. You finish where you started. The best-recommended place for the bike is the Olympic Cycling Track on your own.
- Rides and Runs to be done ONLY Outdoors.
- Once finished your distance. You must post your links (Strava, Garmin, etc..) in the shared google sheet. Make sure to make your profile public so it can be accessible.
- Last time to submit your times by Saturday midnight.

 Distances for each week:

Week 1 –

Run 3Km. Bike 20Km. Run 5Km.

Week 2

Bike 30Km. Run 5Km.

Week 3

Run 8Km. Bike 20Km.

Week 4

Bike 10Km. Run 5Km. Bike 20Km