Olympic Track Autumn Series 1
Olympic Cycle Track Duathlon Series

Location: Olympic Cycle Track
Download : Duathlon Information

TriClub Doha members-only timed Duathlon event. Free signup at registration.triclubdoha.com

About Olympic Cycle Track Autumn Series Duathlons
These are a unique feature of our club. Normally taking place on a fortnightly on a Monday/Wednesday evening at 6pm (check the calendar for precise event times), these are FREE, timed race events for our Club members.

They are short races with two standard distances: Sprint distance of 2km run/20km bike/2km run, an enticer distance (0.7km run,10km bike, 0.7km run) suitable for beginners and juniors and a kids distance (0.7km run,6km bike, 0.7km run) for 7 to 9 year olds . These are a great way to check your progress over the season and prepare for sprint distance triathlons and getting used to running off the bike.

There are no bells and whistles with these races; no medals, no podiums, no sign-up, no waivers and no payment. A couple of club volunteers arrive 20 minutes before to lay down the timing loops and a couple of members help set up the bike racks and we're ready to go. 

All club members are entered into the race so you just need to show up with your own timing chip and do the race. Please bring your own timing chip, we'll be there to check your chip and help you out if it's not working.  

COVID-19 Changes

Limiting gathering:
Wave Starts of groups of 6 every 15 minutes to comply with social distancing requirements. Enter transition to set up and start within your 15 minutes window. eg.  If your wave time is 18:15-18:29, you can enter transition to set up at 18:15, and must start your race by 18:29. 

Social Distancing. Be mindful and give way to other people entering transition during their race ... keep r2m distance
Participants are requested to retrieve their gear/bike from transition immediately after the race and return to their cars rather than loiter around transition or the finish line allowing groups to form.

Hygiene:  Hand sanitizer will be readily available at Transition
Volunteers will be wearing coverings and gloves to be used while working in all athlete-facing areas, eg. Chip checking, instructions

Touchpoint Minimization : We will be reducing or removing touchpoints and points of interaction. Brendan and Hesham will be available to help with timing chips at their car, not in transition area.

Self-Reliance : Bring your own water, no water stations will be available on run route; set up own water in transition, no littering on the course. Bring own tools and pump – so not relying upon other participants for assistance.

Juniors & Kids
The Duathlons are run on the Olympic Track and only recommended for juniors who are competent and confident riders. The recommended course for Juniors is the "Enticer" distance of 0.7km run - 10km bike - 0.7km run.  For Kids 1 (7 to 9) and anyone else you may reduce the bike to 6km.

Club Event Rules & Other Information
  • Safety is number 1 concern; give way to moving vehicles at all times.
  • This is a triathlon event, therefore for safety normal “NO DRAFTING” rules apply (10m zone, 20 seconds allowed to pass).
  • Please dress appropriately; minimum triathlon suits, no bare chests
  • Time-trial style event; Timing Starts when your chip crosses start line with chip. No "mass start' required
  • No IPod's/headphones to be used during the race
  • Only Juniors competent and confident riding on the open road are permitted to race. There are no marshals.
What to bring
  • Your personal mylaps timing chip (new members without chips can collect their chip at the event)
  • TriSuit or cycling gear
  • Bike
  • Helmet
  • Running Shoes
  • Bike Shoes
  • Towel - can lay out your shoes, helmet, etc.
  • Water for drinking...bring a spare bottle that you can leave on the run course to swig a drink during transition
  • Hat or Headsweat for run
  • Did I mention you mylaps timing chip (why not leave it in your car now?)
Duathlon Course
The Olympic Cycle Track is the new venue for Club Duathlons. While it is a perfect location for cycling, other people will be using the track for cycling while we are racing so be mindful of others.

The Duathlon Course will use the Olympic Track for both running and cycling, using the existing Kilometre markers on the track for distances. Athletes must pay attention to the road markers to ensure they U-Turn at the correct mark. Each leg is an individual strava segment so that dubious leg times will be checked via Strava.



Run : 2km - run on left side of track to 1km marker and back (1 lap) 
Bike : 20km -  cycle on right side of track to 10km marker and back (1 lap) 
Run : 2km - run on left side of track to 1km marker and back (1 lap) 

Run : 700m - run on RIGHT side of track to end of shoulder/blue circle sign (approx 350m) and back (1 lap) 
Bike : 10km -  cycle on right side side of track to 5km marker and back (1 lap) 
Run : 700m - run on RIGHT side of track to end of shoulder/blue circle sign (approx 350m) and back (1 lap) 

Run : 700m - run on RIGHT side of track to end of shoulder/blue circle sign (approx 350m) and back (1 lap) 
Bike : 6km -  cycle on right side side of track to 3km marker and back (1 lap) 
Run :
700m - run on RIGHT side of track to end of shoulder/blue circle sign (approx 350m) and back (1 lap) 

Summer Du Transition
Strava Segments / Maps for each leg
TriClub Members are requested to Join TriClub Doha Club on Strava which will allow us to verify your split times 

Sprint Bike Course : 20km loop (to 10km marker and back)

Enticer Bike Course : 10km loop (to 5km marker and back)

Sprint Run Course : 2km Loop (to 1km marker and back)

Enticer Run Course : 650m Loop (run on path to end of shoulder to blue sign and back)

Transition / Race Start
All run and bike legs will start and finish at the 0m mark at the track. A timing loop will be set there. Transition times will be captured. All athletes must run the complete transition loop during each transition, no short cuts.