TriClub Doha Directors and Committee Members 2021-2022 - TriClub Doha is resourced by a part-time triathlete who coordinates our membership and our races. Therefore TriClub Doha relies heavily upon its membership to assist in the running of our activities.

These are the members that form the directors and committee of TriClub Doha. If you are interested in helping out, please get in touch with us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

RoleNameWho are we?Picture
Club DirectorEwan Cameron
Ewan hails from Lossiemouth in northeast Scotland and got hooked into triathlon while doing a beginner's corporate triathlon in Sydney harbor in 2005. Since then Ewan has built his way up to completing half ironman in 2010 and a full ironman in 2011 in Busselton and 2013 in Copenhagen, but has since focused on the 70.3 distance. Ewan arrived in Doha in 2012 and works for Snoonu. He was a founding member of TriClub Doha in 2013, serving as president in 2015-2016. His triathlon goals for this season are to do better than last season and try to peak for Ironman 70.3 World Championships in October and Ironman New Zealand in 2022.

Company Secretary of TriDoha LLC(G) & Club Committee /
Member Engagement
Michelle is from the UK and a former international swimmer, she worked for British Swimming for 10 years, working in talent development and coach education. Michelle did her first ever triathlon at the London Triathlon 2013, Michelle then moved to Qatar where she was inspired to join TriClub Doha, with an aim to keep fit, train with others for motivation, and set herself some challenges. Michelle competes in the local races and has raced at ITU Abu Dhabi in 2016 and 2017. In 2015 Michelle stepped up to be the club's co-ordinary to help the committee and to share some of her professional experience to help develop the club. Michelle has two little girls and a dog called Pippa. Michelle enjoys Olympic distance triathlons.committe-image
Senior Executive Function & Director of TriDoha LLC(G)Hatem Elsafty
Hatem has always been an active sports athlete since he was 5 years old, starting with high board diving as he was the captain of the Egyptian national team, participating in a number of national and international diving events. He acquires a number of sports coaching certifications including the British Swimming Association ASA Level 2 coach. He became an active triathlete back in 2007 starting with London Triathlons, compete for ting in a number of ITU Olympic distance, Ironman 70.3, and completing the full Ironman in Austria, Klagenfurt back in 2012. He became a member of the club committee in 2014 and served as the Club President from 2016 to 2018. His primary goal to sustain the club's expansion and growth to remain the leading triathlon club in Qatar.

Director of TriDoha LLC(G) Caroline  Van Aartrijk Caroline
Club Committee /
Member Engagement
Daniela Sposi

Daniela is a former International Handball player. She played Handball and Beach Handball professionally in Italy and UK, in various national and international competitions. 
Since moving to Doha from London in 2013, and after spending most of her training in indoor halls, she started enjoying outdoor sports and joined Triclub Doha in 2016. She has completed many triathlon races in Qatar, where she developed a passion for this amazing sport.  Dani took part in the first Oman 70.3 Ironman in 2019, where Triclub Doha was awarded the silver trophy in the club’s championship. 

Last season, she also joined the Rasen Sports cycling team and competed in the local MTB and road races. Dani has completed the UCI level 2 cycling coaching certification, and she is also a qualified STA swimming instructor. Mum and wife, with a full-time job as teaching assistant at Doha College, she enjoys coaching the triathlon and swim squads in the after school programme. Daniela hopes to inspire more people to join the triathlon and cycling community in Doha. 

 Club Committee/ Swimming CoachStuart Bloor  

Stuart has had a long affiliation with swimming.  As a former international swimmer. He represented the University of Stirling while on a sports Scholarship. He has been in Doha for 6+ years, after working in Tanzania (East Africa). Where he coached swimmers who achieved sports scholarships in top UK schools and went on to represent their country at the World championships and Junior Olympics.

In Doha, Stuart is a high school teacher, also a Head Swimming Coach outside the classroom. He has competed in numerous aquathlons and triathlon events in Doha, while mostly as a member of a relay team. Stuart has embraced the recent situation, and now like many people has got on a road bike. That has brought him towards the new challenge of TriClub. Where he is hoping to share his knowledge of swimming with the Triclub family. 

 Club Committee/ Triathlon Coach Gordon Rose 

Gordon is from Germany - as the name suggests - and moved with his family to Qatar in 2017. He is a sports enthusiast all his live doing everything from taekwondo, over football, snowbaording to boxing, and finaly finding his true passion in endurance sports, in particular triathlon. He truely lifes the spirit of triathlon being a lifestyle rather than a hobby as he tends to check his training schedule first before committing to social events. His passion to the sports led him to become a certified personal coach and a certified triathlon coach. His motto is "train samrt, not hard" and his 2-4 years triathlon goal is to qualify for Kona, Hawaii.

 Club CommitteeStephen Porter  

Stephen (Steve) has been living in Qatar for 4 years. He has always been physically fit due to his role in the British Army finishing at the top level after almost 30 Years.  He is a competent runner and has taken part in many mountain marathons across the world and has made running and cycling his hobby.

He took up road cycling in 2010 taking part in a charity ride in the UK from Lands End to John O’Groats in 2015.  Since moving to Qatar, Steve joined and lead a cycling group, took part in all Ride of champions since coming to Qatar, and is an active member of race Team Al Jassra in Doha.  It was during a Krit race in 2019 that Steve suffered a serious back injury and was unsure if he would be able to ride or compete again. Battled back to fitness in early 2020 and decided to take up Tri, Although Steve is a capable swimmer, this is the area that he has found challenging. Steve joined the TriClub Doha in 2020 he completed his first triathlon that year at Lusail

Steve is currently training to do an IM 70.3 in 2021/22 and his focus is Venice in 2022,  work and COVID allowing

 stepehn porter
  Club Committee Jenny Lawler 

Jenny moved to Doha from Ireland in December 2019 where she had been involved in the mountain running scene since 2017. In early 2021, she started triathlon because she was injured and couldn’t run, had some lovely triathlete friends who were a terribly bad influence on her, and now feels like it was the luckiest injury ever. She has 3 kids who did their first triathlons before she did. She works in water research and is currently training for her first 70.3 race in Turkey, and is also hoping to finish Qatar East to West in 2021.

 Club CommitteePhilippa Munton I have always been a runner, hills, flat, anything up to a Marathon distance. However, too many running injuries led my husband to suggest triathlon when we first arrived in Doha in 2014. I found Triclub Doha and have never looked back. The club has taught me new skills, training and a triathlon community I had never knew existed. My sights are set on Les Sable D’Lonne 70.3 in 2022 and an Ironman in 2023, but with the dream of Kona never far away!Philipa
  Club Committee Carmelita Flores 

Like most first-time triathletes, Carmelita started out with intentions to just enjoy the day. With zero bikes and a swim going pro wasn’t on her mind, her only goal was to have fun. Being inspired by the rush of racing during her volunteering at sports events, Carmelita is also inspired by other women in the sport. “There are so many amazing working women who work their butts off. They have families, work full time, and still race, these are the superwomen who inspire me on a daily basis.”

Her goal of learning to swim and bike changed from having fun to getting results and joined local races to gain experience. For Carmelita, getting fit has inspired her not just to train and race, but to also be a better version of herself. Despite the pressure of work as a Senior Architect/Planner and a mum, she knows that there is more to triathlon. “At some point, I’d love to put more time back into training again. And when that point comes, I vouched to myself that I will be an ironman”.

  Club CommitteeJanine Muller   
Hi my name is Janine and I am originally from South Africa. We have been in Doha 9 years and a member of Triclub since 2017. My oldest son Noah is the athlete of the family and it is through him I have become involved in the sport. Triclub has not only allowed him to build his confidence while exercising and most importantly having fun but has brought the whole family along with his little brother loving participating in the mini kids races. I enjoy helping on the admin side of things at races and can often be found at registration and  the kids races. I am slowly working my way up to participating in a race so hope to see you out there soon. 
 Janine Muller
  Club CommitteeKate SouthwoodKate grew up in Australia, middle child surrounded by 4 brothers. Although she can kick a footy and take a mark, competitive Aussie Rules football wasn't an option back then, but every other sport was!
Kate has always 'had a go' and here in Qatar that meant Triclub Doha, of course.
For Kate, triathlon is about the people, the variety and the pleasure of being on the move, preferably a little faster each time!
 Club CommitteeRomil Abule I’m RomiI a distant runner and marathoner. I have been into this sports ever since I was little. I am used to running when I was going through homesickness, and the only thing I know I can control in life is every mile I run. Running leads me to get my mind and body tired so I can be at peace and at the same time in better shape to push further.

The biggest challenge in running for me was running cross country, Qatar Ultramarathon 50km,90km,190Km)In reality, I was terrified! Running literally scared me. I would get butterflies in my stomach each day before practice because I was nervous about the effects it would have on my body. I was nervous for a lot of reasons. I was nervous to throw up, to not be able to breath, to hurt, to lose the race, etc. The real problem, though, was that I didn’t see myself as a runner.

Most of the time our biggest barrier to success is the fact that we’ve already assumed defeat. This was me as a runner. I had always been the person to make fun of running. I would say things like, “Yeah right, I can’t run five miles and wouldn’t unless somebody is chasing me!” Relatable… right?

When I arrived in Qatar, I came across the multisports and through the help of my friends swimming and biking were introduced to me. I then challenged myself to learn these disciplines to take me to the next level on my fitness journey. I’m feeling very grateful that after so many years in this sport I have a lot of equipment to pull out of my closet to pack as a Triathlete! Now, I’m looking forward for Ironman races!